How to Boost Mobility in the Elderly

How to Boost Mobility in the Elderly

For many seniors, retirement is the time to spend more time with family and friends and take on new hobbies. That’s why seniors need to stay physically active to prevent mobility issues which make it difficult to do the things they love.

As a provider of quality healthcare services, we are committed to helping seniors enjoy their golden years. So if you notice mobility is becoming limited for an elderly loved one, here are some safe and effective healthcare tips you can share with them.

  • Regular exercise
    There are plenty of low-impact exercises that can help improve mobility in elderly individuals. This includes walking, yoga, swimming, and cycling. Before starting any physical fitness routine, talk to your doctor or a home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA to ensure the activity is safe.
  • Get physical therapy
    However, if simple exercise programs do not work for your senior’s current health condition, then it’s best to seek help from a professional. A physical therapist can work with your senior to restore or improve mobility.

At Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc., we offer physical therapy services and home care in Georgia. These services help improve seniors’ overall quality of life. If you need our help, you can contact us today.

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