What to Expect from a Home Health Aide

What to Expect from a Home Health Aide

Home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA is a response to the growing need for quality senior care. Perhaps, you are reading this article because you’re also looking for a hands-on nursing assistant to help you with your healthcare requirements. We want to help you decide why you would employ the support of a home health aide.

  • Health Monitoring
    If you are dealing with a chronic disease or you’re in a post-operative recovery status, a trained home health aide can support you with his or her skills in providing healthcare services, such as vital signs monitoring and wound care. The person will directly work with you under the supervision of a registered or licensed nurse.
  • Personal Care Assistance
    Aside from basic medical care, a nursing aide offers non-medical home care in Georgia. Personal care assistants are equipped to assist you with activities of daily living, helping you live the most out of your life.
  • Medication Management
    Completing your medications is vital to get the recovery you’re expecting. A home health aide will help in organizing your prescriptions and reminding you of your medication schedule. HHAs ensure that you take your dosage at the right time and with the appropriate dosage as prescribed by your physician.

To learn more about how a home health aide can be of help to you, you can get in touch with us here at Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc. Talk to us today!

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