When Is Speech Therapy Recommended to Seniors?

When Is Speech Therapy Recommended to Seniors?

Being able to effectively communicate is essential at any age, especially for seniors. If a senior can’t communicate pain, discomfort, or anything wrong in general, an emergency can easily occur.

This is where speech therapy services come in. Speech therapy is one of the many healthcare services available to help seniors live a quality life. It uses vocal exercises that have been shown to help seniors learn to speak and communicate again after suffering from health issues.

Here are a few situations where speech therapy may be recommended for seniors, as listed by our well-trained home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA:

  • Weakened Vocal Cords
    As we age, our vocal cords tend to become less elastic and the larynx muscles can become weakened, making it difficult to speak or communicate. Speech therapy helps seniors re-learn how to speak through vocal exercises.
  • After a Stroke
    If you have a loved one who experienced aphasia following a stroke, speech therapy is often recommended right away to increase the chances of recovery.
  • Dementia Patients
    Speech-language pathologists can assess how people with dementia eat, drink, and swallow. If there are any dysfunctions, they will recommend strategies for mealtime.

Are you looking for speech therapy interventions for an elderly loved one?

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