Pain Reduction Exercises You Can Try


Managing pain is crucial for effective functioning. If you are free from pain, you can actively participate in different events, do tasks faster, and become energized for a longer span of time. In Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc., your home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA, we offer programs to effectively manage your pain.

This home care in Georgia has a team of experienced occupational therapists to bring your health goals to reality. However, aside from our pain management programs, we also encourage you to undergo exercises outside our clinic.

Improving your blood circulation, muscle function, balance, and flexibility decreases pain. So exercises such as swimming and hydrotherapy, cycling, regular walks, yoga, and weightlifting, among others can be really helpful. Stretching before going through these exercises and proper execution can increase muscle flexibility and avoid painful accidents.

Water exercises like swimming and hydrotherapy help improve blood circulation on your limbs and relieve joint pain. Cycling, on the other hand, involves full-body exercise so it can reduce pain in your chest area and help you get rid of the stiffness in your legs.

Further, walking regularly increases agility and flexibility. Hence, it can reduce joint pain, improve your balance, and make you less susceptible to arthritis. Yoga is also a good exercise to relieve your back, muscle, and joint pain, stiffness of your neck, and fatigue. Lastly, lifting light weights can improve muscle weakness and joint strength.

Going through these exercises can greatly help you manage your pain but undergoing occupational therapy will surely make a bigger difference because of professional guidance. We specialize in these kinds of healthcare services so you can be confident that with us, you are safe and you can see faster results.

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