Effective Recovery Training and Treatments

effective-recovery-training-and-treatmentsFunctional deficiencies like speech impairment and hearing loss result in ineffective communication and interpersonal relations. Fortunately, Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc., your home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA, is here to minimize your struggles.

This home care in Georgia has a team of professional speech therapists to help you maximize your language skills for a better and more effective communication process despite your disorder and old age, and as you are recovering from injuries.

We would like to explain how our services can be helpful in your endeavor toward effective communication.

  • Eating and Swallowing Strategies and Education
    These services will give you tips to avoid choking and aspiration that might worsen your injury.
  • Aphasia and Treatment Therapy
    Aphasia refers to the inability to comprehend and converse due to damage in a specific area of the brain. This therapy uses alternative communication methods to make up for the lost language skills by restoring as much language as possible.
  • Sign Language Training
    Learning sign language is a form of brain stimulation similarly to learning language normally. It enhances cognition, spatial awareness, and creative thinking, among others through visual-spatial modality.
  • Visual Speech Perception Therapy
    Broca’s Aphasia is a non-fluent type of Aphasia characterized by the ability to comprehend but struggles to formulate language. They tend to speak in short sentences and omit words. This therapy is designed to improve speech production.
  • Auditory Rehabilitation
    This treatment aims to improve the communication abilities of people who have impaired aural senses through hearing loss management plans.

Research says that therapy is most effective when it is conducted immediately after the brain injury for faster recovery. We specialize in healthcare services involving the above-mentioned problems. Let us help you in this endeavor.

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