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Among the things we should be thankful for is to have the chance to reach senior years and have extra time to continue doing the things that we love and enjoy either by ourselves or with the most special people in our lives. But there may come a time in our senior lives when we’ll meet health challenges like illness, injury, disability, etc., which can threaten our independence. If ever these circumstances occur to us, we need some form of assistance from professional care providers. What follows are some of the healthcare services we can avail of:

  • Home Health Aide Care
    A home health aide can aid us when it comes to our basic personal necessities, for instance, bathing, dressing, grooming, getting out of bed, walking, etc. Some aides have undergone special training to be able to assist with more specialized care with the monitoring of a nurse.
  • Homemaker Care
    When we get sick and are medically being cared for in our residence, a homemaker will assist in doing the household chores or tasks to help keep the household, like doing the laundry, meal preparation, shopping for groceries, and other related housekeeping items.
  • Volunteer CareCompanion Care
    Some of us who are alone at home may need a companion to give us comfort, monitoring, and friendly companionship. Some of these companions may also do some household duties.
  • Volunteer Care
    There are some volunteers from various community associations, like those providing healthcare needs in Georgia, who can offer basic comfort to us older adults via companionship, aid with personal care, giving emotional assistance, transportation, and aid with paperwork.

At Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc., you can avail of excellent quality home healthcare services from our pool of highly qualified healthcare professionals. Feel free to contact us and know about our medical social services in Decatur, Georgia.

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