Healthcare Professionals Who Provide Geriatric Care


Among the great things in life is to be able to reach senior years and have the opportunity to enjoy more the wonderful things in life by ourselves and with our loved ones and dear friends. But at some point in our senior years, we may encounter certain health issues that make living challenging and may threaten our independence. When these happen, we may need the assistance of professional care providers for us to continue living as comfortably as possible. Among the services, we can avail of is geriatrics care which is known because of its team approach when providing care to seniors and assisting our families, as well as other caregivers. Read on to know some of the healthcare professionals that comprise the geriatrics care team.

  • Geriatricians
    Geriatricians are physicians who have received special training in evaluating and managing the distinct healthcare requirements and treatment options of us all as we get older. They are internists or family doctors who are board-certified and have finished extra training and have received certification in geriatrics.
  • Physical Therapists
    They are the healthcare professionals who provide physical therapy to aid individuals in improving their mobility and minimizing pain. Those physical therapists who are treating seniors usually emphasize managing conditions like arthritis, balance issues, and joint replacements.
  • Occupational Therapists
    They are the healthcare professionals offering occupational therapy to assist individuals in joining fully with the various activities of daily living. They can aid seniors with activities like physical movement, (which includes strength, balance, and coordination), housekeeping, and driving.
  • Nutritionists
    Nutritionists who are among those healthcare professionals providing healthcare needs in Georgia are considered experts on the vital role that food and nutrition play when it comes to managing health. They offer advice to individuals on which kinds of food to consume to foster good health or manage a particular health condition.

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