Why Does Your Body Hurt When It Rains?


Perhaps you’ve observed that your bones hurt when it’s cold outside. On chilly and rainy days, it’s not uncommon for an old joint injury to ache. Many doctors have noticed that on rainy days, more people experience joint pain. So, who or what is to blame for this?

When it rains, the air pressure drops. When your body senses this alteration, it causes your soft tissues to enlarge. Fluid in the joints expands as a result. Unfortunately, the expansion and contraction that occurs around the joints can irritate and cause discomfort to your nerves. Your discomfort could also be caused by worn-out cartilage in your joints, which permits exposed nerves to respond to pressure changes. You may also have more discomfort if the weather prevents you from moving around as freely as you normally do. When it’s raining or cold outside, you’ll spend more time indoors and limit your movement. This might cause inactive joints to stiffen and pain more.

Be proactive if you anticipate aches and discomfort as a result of the impending weather. Consult your orthopedist about anti-inflammatory medicine. Glucosamine can also be used to alleviate joint stiffness.

Our home health aide in Metro Atlanta, GA can assist you or your seniors in relieving joint pain caused by the weather. They can help you stay warm and active, putting less strain on your joints and allowing you to gain muscle strength.

Contact Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc. right away to make an appointment with a physical therapist. We will help you overcome your joint aches and show you how to maintain healthy muscular strength and good joint mobility.

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