Signs of Mental Issues in Elderly Adults


Mental health is one of the most underdiagnosed Healthcare Needs in Georgia for the elderly. It is because of financial incapacity, healthcare inaccessibility, and stigmas of psychological and psychiatric issues.

Most of the time, people deny their poor mental conditions. But here are some signs you need to take note of:

  • Unexplained sensations and symptoms

    Does the senior always complain of pain and other discomforts? Do they come with other manifestations like bowel movement changes, upset stomach, sweating, and shaking? Try to observe more.

  • Isolation and social withdrawal

    Seniors who experience this may rarely go out and withdraw from friends and their social activities. Sudden changes like these are unusual and might need serious attention from psychiatrists and Professional Care Providers.

  • Changes in appetite.

    Seniors may lose their appetite or willingness to eat, leading to a gradual health decline.

  • Sleeplessness.

    Seniors who develop mental diseases may find it hard to sleep, worsening the condition even more.

  • Feeling depressed, worthless, and empty.

    Is the senior feeling extremely sad, guilty, or having thoughts of death or suicide? That is a reason to seek mental Health Care Services, consultation, and treatment.

So when an elderly loved one requires Personalized Care and attention while under mental health treatments, you can always count on our services. Georgia Healthcare & Family Services, Inc. believes that with a healthy body comes a healthy mind.

And when you require Medical Social Services in Decatur, Georgia for resources and more, call us.

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